Kingfisher Systems, Inc. delivers comprehensive and adaptable cyber solutions to Government and commercial customers around the world.  As the landscape of security threats, risks, and countermeasures change, so should the way you protect your assets from these challenges.  We not only understand the policies and regulations that drive the need for security, we are proactively safeguarding our customers most critical information.

// Crisis/Response Management:  Kingfisher Systems, Inc. offers a response force that understands the complexities of how to methodically navigate through a crisis situation while getting your organization up and running as quickly as possible.

// Mobile Forensics and Computer Forensics:  We have breadth of experience in triage, containment and eradication, computer data recovery (to include mobile device forensic recovery, malware/exploit analysis, protocol forensics, live response, static analysis, certified forensic analysis), engagement with law enforcement (if necessary), and investigation/operations support. For further information, click on our Mobile Forensics and Computer Forensic Services Data Sheet.

// Intelligence & Cyber Policy:  Kingfisher Systems, Inc. fully understands the requirements specified under U.S.C. Title 10 & 50 and has developed cyber solutions that encompass social media analysis, open source, cyber counterintelligence, counterespionage analysis, and policy support that correlates with national security.

// Cyber Operations:  Kingfisher Systems, Inc. acknowledges that not all cyber defense programs are purely defensive; instead, they may involve activities designed in preparation of the cyber battlefield.  We provide a myriad of scalable network/security operation center solutions which include capturing network activities, insider threat detection, theft, intrusion, covert deployment, forensic audit reconstruction, access profiling, and malicious activities.

// Cybersecurity Solutions:  Kingfisher Systems, Inc. can aid in the identification of critical vulnerabilities (virtual, human, or physical) through a through a series of scalable capabilities which include: cybersecurity assessments that includes asset and threat characterization; consequence analysis; vulnerability assessments; penetration testing; social engineering; and risk & resilience management.

// Cyber Technology Unit:  Kingfisher Systems, Inc. is available to fill many assurance functions within our customers’ unique environments.  Based on our understanding of computer hardware and software, we are developing a realistic, results-oriented approach to address data integrity, counterfeit parts, and quality assurance of software.

Our Customers:

// Department of Defense

// Department of Homeland Security