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Kingfisher Systems, Inc. provides unmatched intelligence analysis and national security services to our mission partners who entrust Kingfisher to handle their most critical and complex requirements. Kingfisher has built a solid reputation and track record for our out-of-the-box and innovative solutions.

Kingfisher has developed a next-generation technology and methodologies for open source intelligence analysis and an ability to bring diverse experiences to our wide range of related disciplines to any project allows us to match the right professional to the right mission partner for maximum satisfaction and results.

// Intelligence and Counterintelligence: Kingfisher’s focus is to provide the highest quality and skilled professionals in support of a full range of intelligence and counterintelligence missions. Kingfisher is proud to have served our Nation for over a decade in providing intelligence capabilities to our warfighters and we strive to provide timely solutions through blending technology and services that maintain American supremacy. 

// National Security Services:  Our national security services optimize coordination, cooperation, communication, and consistency to help improve performance, efficiencies, and achieve unknown mission success. Kingfisher works closely with our mission partners to invest heavily in advanced skill sets and next-generation capabilities to relentlessly protect our nation at home and abroad. 

// Kingfisher Computational Analysis Platform (KCAP): Through continuous and autonomous collection of open source data (some of which in various native languages), KCAP contains a vast library of information that allows us to easily  distill data in order to conduct coordination, link, and trend analysis, natural language processing, and apply numerous proprietary methodologies in order to better understand open source data.